About Delaney and Loew

What started as a childhood love of baking and collecting wooden spoons now lives on Massachusetts Street in beautiful downtown Lawrence as Delaney & Loew.  Offering a wide variety of bakeware, textiles, cutlery, and local finds, any chef from novice to expert is sure to find something special. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer all of your culinary questions and help you discover your next favorite kitchenware. 

At an early age… owner Katie Moore always had an appetite for being in the kitchen.  She loved helping her parents prepare meals as well as collecting kitchen gadgets of her own.  When she met her husband and co-owner, Brad, at KU in 2004, she quickly fell for his love of grilling and culinary exploration. 

As their appreciation for cooking and baking, as well as their family, continued to grow, so did their vision for Delaney & Loew.  At Delaney & Loew, we believe in bringing families together, that discovering new things should happen daily, and everyone is a chef at heart.